Traill County Director of taxation

The responsibility of the tax equalization director, also called the assessment officer, is to appraise all taxable property at a fair and equitable value. The tax equalization director also conducts educational campaigns to fully acquaint constituents with provisions of the property tax laws and responsibilities.

Exact duties of the office are spelled out in NDCC Chapter 11-10.1.


Recently the Legislators changed the qualifications for the HOMESTEAD CREDIT. They have raised the income annually to $70,000 after medical deductions. The new perimeters are up to $40,000 yearly income will receive up to $9000 off their property taxes. If your income is between $40,001 and $70,000, you will qualify for up to $4500 off your property taxes. We are inviting anyone that is 65 years old or older to fill out an application. Please note that your medical deductions include; travel, eye glasses, dentures, and any medical expenses you pay out-of-pocket for. You will use the income information from the previous year. You can click here to be directed to the application.


EFFECTIVE 12/20/2022

The Traill County Commission Board has agreed to change the Auditor lot procedures to include that any irregular tract MUST have Auditor's lot prior to recording. The request process of an auditor lot, by you or the surveyor, has not changed. For the procedure to follow, please click here for the procedures, survey record, and surveyor's certificate.


Traill County Director of Taxation
Kayla Knudson, Tax Director
PO Box 745
Hillsboro, ND 58045

Kayla Knudson email: