Traill County Recorder

The county recorder's office is one of the offices formally organized by the Constitutional Convention of 1889. County recorder officers are elected to four-year terms that begin Jan. 1.

The information filed and recorded in the recorder's office is used by the auditor, treasurer, commissioners and other county officials, along with the general public and business entities. The real estate record is the basis for the auditor's assessment rolls and the tax collection process of the treasurer.

County Recorder Duties

  • Keep a record of each patent, deed, mortgage, bill of sale, security agreement, judgment, decree, lien, certificate of sale and other instruments required to be filed or recorded in proper books provided for such recording, upon receipt of the filing or recording fees. Each recorded document also shall state the date, hour and minute when the document was filed, the book of records in which it is recorded and the page on which it is recorded.
  • Maintain a reception book, grantor/grantee index and land tract index.
  • Assist the public in finding information as found in the real estate record and the UCC files.
  • Furnish upon request (written or by telephone) to persons information contained in financing statements to perfect a security interest pursuant to Chapter 41-09 when the collateral is farm products and provide written confirmation of the oral information provided upon receipt of a fee which shall be the same as for recording that instrument.


General Recording Requirements

  • Every document must be an original or certified copy, no larger than 8 ½” X 14” size
  • The printed, written, or typed words must be considered legible
  • A font that is equal to or larger than a 10 pitch Calibri font must be used, unless the form was issued by a government agency
  • Documents must have a 1-inch margin at either the top, bottom, or side of each page
  • A 3" margin across the top of the first page for recording information (see Recording Fees page)
  • No shading, color or aerial photo attachments will be accepted
    • Per Attorney General opinion 2017-L-03, County Recorders will not record any documents that have exhibits or attachments containing a map, survey or drawing, unless it includes the signature and seal of a registered professional land surveyor
  • All dates must be filled in
  • Adequate county legal description that is not abbreviated
  • All signatures must be original handwritten
  • All original documents must be notarized unless it is an instrument entitled to record without acknowledgment provided for in NDCC 47-19-02

Deeds – Additional Requirements

  • FULL CONSIDERATION STATEMENTS (not required on a Mineral Deed or a Transfer on Death Deed)


      EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2023Only 1 of 2 statements for consideration will be accepted on a deed. Listed below are the 2 kinds of statements required by North Dakota Century Code 11-18-02.2. Pick the appropriate statement and type it on your deed.1. I certify that the full consideration paid for the property described in this deed is $________________. Signed: ________________________________ Date: ____________ Grantee or Agent2. I certify that the requirement for a report or statement of full consideration paid does not apply because this deed is for one of the transactions exempted by subdivision _____ of N.D.C.C. 11-18-02.2(6) Signed ________________________________ Date: ____________ Grantee or Agent. If you choose number two you will have to pick one of the following and put the letter in the blank. A. Property owned or used by public utilities. B. Property classified as personal property. C. A sale when the grantor and the grantee are of the same family or corporate affiliate, if known. D. A sale which resulted as a settlement of an estate. E. All forced sales, mortgage foreclosures, and tax sales. F. All sales to or from religious, charitable, or nonprofit organizations. G. All sales when there is an indicated change of use by the new owners. H. All transfer of ownership of property for which is given a quitclaim deed. I. Sales of property not assessable by law. J. Agricultural lands of less than eighty acres (32.37 hectares).
    • Address of the grantee
  • Name and address of drafter of a legal description executed in the State of ND on or after 1/1/2000 that contains a metes and bounds legal description (NDCC 47-19-03.1); in the form of “This legal description was prepared by (name) (address).” Or “The legal description was obtained from a previously recorded instrument.”
  • All property taxes must be paid in full before a deed can be transferred. (not required on a Mineral Deed, Personal Representatives Deed or a Transfer on Death Deed)

Mortgages – Additional Requirements

  • Address of the mortgagee(s)
  • Address of the assignee(s) on an assignment of mortgage

Subdivision Plats & Auditor Lot PlatS

  • Size requirement for a Subdivision plat is 22” X 34”. An Auditor plat needs to be no larger than 11” X 17”
  • No shading or aerial photos will be accepted


  • Must be no larger than 11” X 17”
  • Must have Surveyor’s signature/initials over the Surveyor’s seal & a full notary acknowledgment

Corner Monument Record (now available on NDRIN)

  • Must be no larger than 8 ½” X 14”
  • Must have Surveyor’s signature/initials over the Surveyor’s seal
  • Paper should be a good bond stock weighing not less than 16 pounds

Recorder's Duties NDCC 11-18-01


Traill County Recorder’s office is now eRecording some electronically transmitted documents. The cut off time to eRecord a document is 3:30pm CST. Anything submitted after this time will be recorded the following morning at 9:00am CST.

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