County Directory

Department/Location Name & Title Phone Email
Traill County Officer List
Auditor Glenda Haugen, Auditor 701.636.4458
Auditor Heather Hovey, Chief Deputy Auditor 701.636.4458
Tax Director Kayla Knudson, Tax Director 701.636.5950
Tax Director Michelle Mooney, Deputy Tax Director 701.636.5950
Treasurer Carla Swanson, Treasurer 701.636.4459
Treasurer Tiffany Ambuehl, Deputy Treasurer 701.636.4459
Register of Deeds Marlene Eblen, Recorder 701.636.4457
Register of Deeds Deb Hankel, Deputy Recorder 701.636.4457
Clerk of Court Jody Schill, Clerk of Court 701.636.4454
Clerk of Court Carissa Koehn, Deputy Clerk of Court 701.636.4448
Highway Department Corwyn Martin, Roads Superintendent 701.636.4341
Veteran Service Officer Sheri Pearlstein, Veteran's Service Officer 701.636.4414
District Health Unit Brenda Stallman, RN, Director 701.636.4434
District Health Unit Chris McInnes 701.636.4434
District Health Unit
Kelly Radebaugh 701.636.4431
District Health Unit Kate Ehnert 701.636.4434
Social Services Kim Jacobson, Director 701.636.5220
Social Services Alesha Knudson, Administrative Assistant 701.636.5220
Social Services Beth Morrow, Children and Family Services Supervisor 701.636.5220
Social Services Tammy Sand, Direct Care Supervisor 701.636.5220
States Attorney Charles Stock 701.636.2320
NDSU Extension Jill Murphy, Extension Agent 701.636.5665
NDSU Extension Katie Mueller, Administrative Assistant 701.636.5665
Custodian Jenni Rubash 701.636.4483
Sheriff's Department Dispatch - Steve Hunt, Sheriff 701.636.4510
Sheriff's Department Dispatch 701.636.4511
Water Resource Board Jessica Spaeth, Office Administrator 701.636.5812
Economic Development Jim Murphy, Executive Director 701.636.4746
Economic Development Alyssa Short, Deputy Director 701.636.4746