agassiz valley social service district personnel

Alesha Knudson Administrative Assistant I
Kim Jacobson Director

Aging Services
Pam Lacher, LSW Aging Services Supervisor/Social Worker
Marilyn Aanderud Direct Care Associate
Tammy Sand Direct Care Associate
Tammi Mooney Direct Care Associate
Tina Johnson
Direct Care Associate
Jennifer Lindseth Human Service Aide
Children and Family Services
Beth Morrow, MSW, LCSW Children and Family Services Supervisor
Jackie Kraling, LSW Family Service Specialist
Allison Klassen, LSW Family Service Specialist
Nicholas Crocker, MSW, LCSW Family Service Specialist

Economic Assistance
Tami Wilson Lead Eligibility Worker
Edna Riendeau Eligibility Technician
Kristin Lee Eligibility Worker
Ivy Fyre Eligibility Worker
Sara Mack Eligibility Worker
Kelly Archambeau Eligibility Worker